Sunday, December 31, 2006

Beaded Dragonfly from Lynn

I wish I took pictures well enough to show
just how much this little guy sparkles.
The beads are so lovely. His wings are
made of tiny gold bugle beads and the
tiniest pale green seed beads. His body
and tail are of different shades of green
in varying sizes, and he really does
sparkle! He is about two and a half
inches across and three and a half inches
long. I received him as a Christmas pressie
from Lynn and I love him! Thank you Lynn!

Isn't it interesting how often insects in
different lace, beaded or stitched forms
find themselves onto our crazy quilts? It
has been this way since the early
Victorian quilts. Other than the spider in
his delicate web who often appears for
luck, the dragonfly is the next most likely
to appear on our quilts. Is it because the insect world is a source of the exotic no matter how commonplace its inhabitants might be? He is surely as near to the fierce beauty of a dragon as we can get outside of our dreams!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

UFO's or WISP's

I have just been on Sandy's blog,, and read about her UFO (UnFinished Objects) and WISP (Works In Slow Progress) Challenge. Very inspirational! As the self-proclaimed queen of UFOs, or WISPs if I am being kind to myself!) I thinki this will be great fun. So, I am resolving to work on them in 2007 and post my progress here on the Blog. Wait for!

Angel from Connie

I want to share a picture of an angel I received from Connie in this year's CQI Christmas Swap. My photo does not do her justice but she is made in beautiful shades of pink and beige silks. I think Connie's first calling is as a dollmaker and it certainly shows up in the wonderful workmanship and the attention to detai in everything she makes. Thank you Connie!

Sharon B's Take a Stitch Tuesdays

Only a few more days now til Sharon B' s Take a Stitch Tuesdays start - I can't wait! I will be following along and intend to post pictures here of my work on the stitches. I am really looking forward to this so I will have a reference of ideas for new seam treatments. I seem to get in a rut and do the same few seam treatments over and over. Sharon's 100 Details in 100 Days was a great learnng experience and I am sure this will be just as enjoyable! Thank you to Sharon for so generously sharing her knowledge and inspiration!