Wednesday, February 07, 2007

1st block for Dee's Quilt

A little while back I had the privilege of being part of a group making a love quilt for a dear friend, Dee. Everyone put their talents together and in the end were able to present Dee wuth a great quilt full of love and meaning.
This is the first block I did for Dee's quilt. This one was to commemorate her wedding.To explain the symbolism, the guitar I did in outline stitch on the piano fabic patch is because Dee played the guitar at her wedding. In fact she played it so much that suddenly they became aware the guests had all gone home and they were still playing! The locket has a photo inside of Dee and Lou in their wedding finery. There are a couple charms - a set of wedding rings as well as a clock - wishing them many yars of happiness together. The yellow flowers symbolize Dee's wedding bouquet. The snowflakes are to remind them of the magic of the snowy night sky when they came outside that evening. Other than that there are lots of hearts and flowers for romance! lol I enjoyed making this block for Dee and being part of her quilt. I also had a lot of fun expeimenting with the seam treatments on this block - taking myself a little bit out of my comfort zone of herringbone and cretan stitch.


Blogger Thelma said...

She is going to love this so much. How awesome of you all to do this for a friend. It will be a wonderful treasure for her. All the special memories you have included.

5:07 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Another beautiful block. I like what you did with that heart, too. I'm presuming she is musical? The guitar over the keys was a great idea!

9:13 AM  

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